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The function of ONE-DC is to promote nursing leadership as an important specialty practice within the discipline of nursing. Nurse leaders support excellence in health care by impacting the quality of patient care in all settings, mentor nurses to implement evidence-based practice, collaborate with academic partners to guide the education and development of nursing practice, promote the cost effective delivery of care, and build a workforce to address the current and future needs of the community.

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Nurse Resiliency and Value of Stress Reduction

ONE DC President, Denice Boehm, presented at the DCHA Patient Safety & Quality Summit this year. She spoke about nursing resiliency and the value of stress reduction, particularly within the context of the pandemic.


AONL COVID-19 Longitudinal Study

This report and accompanying PowerPoint presentation focuses on the following research goals:

  • Nursing leadership pulse check
  • Identify key challenges
  • Identify changes in leadership perception
  • Leverage nursing leadership advocacy support

The story from July 2020 has changed including the emotional impact, financial challenges, levels of support and points of care.


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