The District of Columbia Hospital Association works to advance hospitals and health systems in the District by promoting policies and initiatives that strengthens our system of care.


Value-Based Purchasing

Learn the details of Medicare’s value-based purchasing program, how to interpret the reports available to DCHA members, and the implications of quality-based payments for DC and your hospital.

RRP & HAC Reduction

Learn the details of Medicare’s current Hospital Acquired Condition Reduction and Readmission Reduction payment programs, how to interpret the reports available to DCHA members and the implications of quality-based payments for DC and your hospital.

Mitigating Bias to Address Health Disparities

Learn the importance of developing a framework to establish a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy to address disparities; how bias impacts the way we make decisions which leads to disparities; a review of how COVID-19 has exacerbated disparities in marginalized groups; the importance of using reliable patient data (race/ethnicity, language, sexual orientation/gender identity) to measure outcomes and establish interventions; and strategic actions as a COVID-19 response to address barriers and identify opportunities with internal and external partners.

Behavioral Health Patient Transfer & Placement Technology

Learn more about a new tool available in DC designed to help hospitals reduce the strain on overcrowding emergency departments and get patients in appropriate behavioral health treatment facilities or other programs along the continuum of care to include transfer for inpatient, residential, crisis stabilization beds and outpatient services.


Understanding the Benefits of a Health Information Exchange

This webinar includes a discussion of the benefits and risks related to the exchange of patient information through a Health Information Exchange, and an analysis of the applicable federal privacy law requirements, including HIPAA and Part 2 regulations. Learn about best practices to capture the proper patient authorizations and to implement safeguards to comply with applicable laws.

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