November 2022 Utilization Report


Utilization Report - November 2022.pdf

All utilization metrics remained consistent from last month to the current month reported compared to pre-COVID baselines. There was a slight decrease in psychiatric admissions volumes volume going from -24% in October 2022 to -25% below baseline in November 2022. The same pattern was noted for emergency department admissions volumes which moved from -21% in October to -22% in November. While acute care admissions remained steady at -17% below baseline, observations admissions were the only metric that showed a steeper drop going from 9% above baseline last month to -9% below it.

New Series of Opioid Response Podcasts Released

Dr. Laura Haselden, an emergency medicine physician and podcast host, will discuss topics such as X-Waiver, Buprenorphine Dosing, Prescribing, Safety and Clinical Decisions and Understanding Precipitated Withdrawal.

All About the X-Waiver: Buprenorphine Dosing
This podcast will discuss the X-waiver, which is needed to prescribe medication for the treatment of opioid use disorder.
Buprenorphine: Background, Safety & Considerations for Clinical Decisions
This podcast will focus on buprenorphine as a form of MOUD that is most accessible from the ED, with details on the basic pharmacology, safety, buprenorphine with naloxone, and other background to support clinical decision making for patients.
Understanding Precipitated Withdrawal
This podcast will focus on understanding participate withdrawal and patient considerations when prescribing buprenorphine.
Prescribing Buprenorphine in the ED: Effective Strategies for Physicians
This podcast will provide more information on which patients would benefit from buprenorphine in the ED, how to use peer recovery coaches and preparing for next steps for patients after they received buprenorphine.

October 2022 Utilization Report

Utilization Report - October 2022.pdf

Highlights: There was a noted increase across all utilization metrics this month compared to pre-COVID baselines: psychiatric admissions have the biggest increase in volume going from -31% to -24% below January 2020 baseline. Emergency department visits slightly increased going from -24% last month to -21% below pre-COVID, and ambulatory surgery changed from -12% to -8% (Fig.1). Although October 2022 observation visits remained above the January 2020 pre-COVID baseline for the third month in a row with volume 9% greater than the baseline month, the volume was below both October 2020 and October 2021 by -7% and -4% respectively.

DCHA Hospitals Donate 1,000+ Pairs of Socks to Local Charity

Thank you to the hospitals who participated in DCHA’s Warm the Sole Sock Drive: Psychiatric Institute of Washington, St. Elizabeths, Howard University Hospital, and The George Washington University Hospital. DCHA staff and the Clyde Group also donated to the sock drive to help the homeless community and others in need this season. Collectively, more than 1,000 pairs of socks were donated to DCHA Associate Member Catholic Charities. A special shout out to Howard University Hospital who donated more than 400 pairs of socks alone!

This year we are providing case management services to over 200 migrant families living in the motels on NY Avenue NE.  200 families primarily from Venezuela… that is about 900 people.  LOTS of KIDS!!! This has been a huge humanitarian effort above and beyond our regular work running homeless shelters and our community mental health agency. I say that because donations of new items like this are so much help.

–Denise Capaci, Executive Director, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington


DCHA Encourages Residents to Get Vaccinated and Seek Non-Emergency Care at Urgent Care Centers, Primary Care Offices and Telehealth Visits

District hospitals, like their counterparts throughout the region and country, are seeing unprecedented high volumes of patients throughout the hospital system. Our members and their incredibly dedicated teams of nurses, doctors and ancillary staff members are working around the clock to ensure every patient receives the care they need as quickly as possible.

As we enter the third winter of the pandemic, COVID-19, RSV and flu cases are increasing and the District’s hospitals encourage all residents to get their annual flu shot as well as the most recent COVID booster. Vaccinations are key tools to keep residents safe, healthy, and less likely to need hospital care. During this holiday season, individuals should wear masks, especially during large gatherings and perform COVID testing before and after gatherings to help reduce transmission of COVID-19.

Hospitals are also seeing a high number of visitors in the city’s emergency rooms. It is critical for residents to use the emergency rooms in the right way. Emergency rooms should be used for serious conditions, such as chest pain or difficulty breathing, weakness or numbness on one side, slurred speech, broken bones, or bleeding that won’t stop. Individuals experiencing fever, mild or moderate flu-like symptoms, sore throat, sprains and strains or other minor conditions should consider visiting their nearest urgent care center or schedule an appointment with their primary care doctor or a telehealth provider. Increased use of urgent care will ensure residents most in need of emergency care can access it. Most of our member hospitals offer virtual and/or on-demand telehealth visits from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be, using a phone, tablet, or computer.



Join the Walk to Wellness Step Challenge

The Healthy Hospital Initiative has launched a Walk to Wellness Step Challenge for all hospital and health care workers in the District. Dust of your shoes and walk for your wellness and to win! Join your colleagues from across the District for a friendly competition to improve your health and well-being — and to start a healthily habit. It’s easy, just sign up, download the app and start walking. You can walk as an individual or gather your co-workers to create a team of up to eight.


  • 4-week challenge: January 16 to February 12, 2023
  • Join as an individual; award is $250
  • Join as a team of 4-8 people; team award is up to $2,000 depending on team size
  • Receive a Healthy Hospital Initiative fanny pack with water bottle holder when you register
  • Participants must stay active for all four weeks to be eligible to receive a prize
  • The individual and team with the most steps will be awarded the winner

Download Flyer Register for the Challenge

September 2022 Utilization Report

Utilization Report - September 2022_.pdf

Looking at utilization metrics, there are slight fluctuations in volumes across all measures. Emergency department visits slightly increased going from -25% last month to -24% below pre-COVID baselines while acute care admissions on the other hand saw a minor decrease this month, going from -13% in August to -19% below baselines. Psychiatric and observation admissions also show a little variation from last month to the current month (Fig. 1). Newborn admissions show a decrease this month with the lowest volume observed since May 2022 after last month’s spike. See Table 11 of the report for details.

DCHA Hiring Senior Health Care Data Analyst

The role of the Senior Data Analyst is to foster the work of the Association and the Association’s members through complex data exploration, analytics program design, analytics and reporting in support of priorities for improvement and strategic goals. The Senior Health Data Analyst is also responsible for participation in the identification, collection, analysis, visualization, monitoring and reporting of industry data, statistics and related information which will enhance the Association’s ability to serve its members.

Annual Report 2021

DCHA Annual Report 2021.pdf

The last several years, especially 2021, can be defined as a year of partnerships and perseverance. We know now, more than ever before, than we can conquer any challenge if we work together. Our hospitals continued to step up and ready their operations to accommodate the relentless threat of the pandemic. The countless health care professionals and those who support our hospitals continue to do exceptional work every day across the District of Columbia. As an association, we are so proud of the extraordinary ways our hospitals have demonstrated new levels of collaboration.

DCHA Hiring Fiscal & Grants Coordinator

The Finance and Grants Coordinator is responsible for fostering the work of the Association and the Association’s members through the management of fiscal activities associated with grant programs and operational systems.

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