The District of Columbia Hospital Association works to advance hospitals and health systems in the District by promoting policies and initiatives that strengthens our system of care.

Top 10 Things to Know About DC Hospitals

  • Second Largest Employer

    The District’s 13 hospitals employ more than 27,500 individuals and provide more than $2.9 billion in salaries and benefits.

  • Economic Engine

    The ripple effect hospitals have on the District’s economy supports 44,000+ non-hospital jobs with a total impact on labor income of $2.9 billion.

  • Economic Impact

    District hospitals spend $4 billion on goods and services and have a total impact on the economic activity across the District of $5.3 billion.

  • Patient Care

    DC hospitals provide more than 890,000 days of patient care.

  • DC Hospitals

    The District is home to seven general acute care hospitals, two long-term acute care hospitals, two psychiatric hospitals, one pediatric acute care hospital, one rehabilitation hospital, two community hospitals and four Level-1 trauma centers.

  • Uncompensated Care

    Uncompensated hospital care – services that hospitals provide to vulnerable or under served residents, but are not paid for – totaled more than $36 million.

  • Community Benefits

    DC hospitals provide more than $599 million in community benefits, including outreach services, programs aimed for specific community health needs, research and health professional development.

  • Hospital Care

    In 2022, DCHA member hospitals had 3,641 operational beds, including 1,690 medical/surgical beds, 175 OB/GYN beds, 584 psychiatric beds, 377 intensive care beds, 211 pediatric beds and 153 neonatal intensive care beds.

  • Emergency and Ambulatory Services

    In 2022, the District’s hospitals admitted 102,631 patients, had 376,116 visits to our emergency departments and performed 61,062 ambulatory surgeries.

  • Trauma Centers

    The District of Columbia is home to three Level-1 trauma centers and one Level-1 pediatric trauma center certified by the American College of Surgeons.

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