The District of Columbia Hospital Association works to advance hospitals and health systems in the District by promoting policies and initiatives that strengthens our system of care.

Who We Are
The DC Health Care Workforce Partnership is an industry-driven, community-supported sector-based alliance, consisting of health care businesses from three subsectors—acute care, ambulatory and behavioral health, and nursing, residential and long-term care services; core partners and network supporters.

  • Health Care Employers located in the District’s labor market lead the work by defining the agenda and driving it forward.
  • Core Partners are aligned under the mission to implement strategic solutions to get DC residents career positions and keep the industry strong.
  • Network Supporters are partners that engage in supportive services to plug in resources, create connections and coordinate activities.

What We Do
We are business leaders aligned under a common purpose to realize an industry-driven Career Pathway System where:

  • Every DC resident is ready, able and empowered through lifelong learning, sustained employment and economic security.
  • Health care businesses in DC are connected to skilled DC residents based on market needs to successfully compete locally, regionally and globally.
  • Education, training and supportive services are coordinated, cohesive, and integrated through public and private partners working together.

We do this by defining and leading the agenda of industry workforce needs, and along with Core Partners and Network Supporters, collaboratively and purposefully designing and executing solutions that are intentionally diverse, inclusive and equitable to DC residents and the health care industry.

Where We Are Headed

  • Health Care as a Career Destination: Promote the health care industry as a first-choice career destination for District residents.
  • Curricula Design & Training: Assess the current curricula resources and training programs for the five prioritized health care career positions.
  • Career Pathway System for the Industry: Assess current needs and assets of career pathway programs in order to inform the development and sustainability of an industry-aligned career pathway system.

The Work We Are Doing Now
To drive the industry needs forward, the health care employers prioritized five high-demand, fastest-growth, certification-based health care occupations requiring less than a bachelor’s degree that also offers low-barriers to entry and career pathways for under-resourced DC residents.

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