New Opioid Response Podcasts Released

Dr. Laura Haselden, an emergency medicine physician and podcast host, discusses topics such as X-Waiver, Buprenorphine Dosing, Prescribing, Safety and Clinical Decisions and Understanding Precipitated Withdrawal. Three new podcasts have been added to our training library.

Introduction to the Literature Review and Background of Peer Services
This podcast introduces the literature, evidence, and training on the use of peer support and counseling, and shares perspective and recommendations.

Peer Recovery Coach vs. Outreach Coach: The Peer’s Role and Training and Skills
This podcast introduces a peer recovery and outreach coach in the District of Columbia, and discusses the difference between a peer recovery coach and outreach coach.

The Invaluable Perspective and Expertise as a Peer Recovery Coach with Lived Experience
This podcast discusses patient encounters and approaches to patient care, including methods of patient motivation, patient hesitancy to take Suboxone, and the importance of a peer network.

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