Nurse Executive Fellowship

Develop critical executive competencies to lead, influence and inspire your nursing workforce through the American Organization for Nursing Leadership’s 9-month program. Participants will earn a minimum of 50 contact hours, with the opportunity to earn more. Deadline to submit is August 31, 2022.

The AONL Nurse Executive Fellowship is a highly interactive nine-month program designed for nurses who are new to the C- Suite in a senior executive role (CNO or comparable positions). Participants in the fellowship will develop critical executive competencies to lead in complex systems and to influence and inspire the nursing workforce and others.

This program uses expert faculty, thoughtful dialogue with peers, experiential simulation methodology and situational analysis to engage participants and equip them to address the challenges that nurse executives face.

Participants complete a validated personality assessment process used extensively in the corporate world and adapted for use in health care. Results indicating usual tendencies, stress tendencies and motivators are discussed 1:1 with certified coaching professional.

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