Join The DC Hospitals In Supporting Those Affected By Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

In the wake of the destruction caused by both Hurricane Harvey and Irma, many of the District’s hospitals have expressed an interest in working collectively with the Association on relief efforts.  To this end, DCHA has created several avenues for DC hospital – and staff –  to support all of those who have been affected by these natural disasters.

Here’s How You Can Help!

  1. The DC Hospital Association has created a special Red Cross donation page for the District’s hospitals – and their staff – to pledge support or make a financial contribution. To make a donation to the Red Cross, please visit their website.
  2. DCHA is in the process of setting up an amazon contributions page where needed items – including diapers and water – can be purchased and sent directly to the affected areas.  DCHA will provide an update to our members once this amazon page is up and running – with instructions on how to make your purchases count toward the relief effort.
  3. Texas Hospital Association: All of us know, when disaster strikes, hospital employees work around the clock to serve emergency response efforts.  To help those employees and their families who were affected by Hurricane Harvey, the Texas Hospital Association has created a Hospital Employee Assistance Fund. Money donated to this fund will go to Texas hospital employees whose lives have been impacted by the devastating destruction caused by the hurricane.
    To make a donation to this employee assistance fund, please visit their website.
  4. Florida Hospital Association: In that same effort, the Florida Hospital Association has set up their own employee assistance fund for those Florida hospital employees whose lives have been impacted by the destruction of Hurricane Irma.  All contributions made will go directly to their member hospitals to be distributed to hospital employees – at no administrative cost.

To make a donation to FHA’s hospital employee assistance fund, visit this link.

We ask that you share these opportunities through your various channels of communication, and if further information is required, please contact Emma Jellen – (202)289-4929.


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