Thank You Hospitals, Nurses & All Health Care Workers

Maggio è un mese per celebrare e onorare i nostri ospedali, operatori sanitari e infermieri che hanno tanto sacrificato negli ultimi anni. Gli infermieri sono il cuore dell'assistenza sanitaria e gli ospedali aiutano a fare miracoli! La District of Columbia Hospital Association ama la nostra comunità sanitaria di Washington!

Ogni giorno, più di 30.000 professionisti sanitari dedicati vanno a lavorare negli ospedali di Washington. Grazie a tutti gli EROI che lavorano per prendersi cura di noi, qualunque cosa accada!

National Nurses Week, May 6-12
Nurses bring vast knowledge and expertise to every health care setting across a wide range of specialties, serving patients and communities throughout the continuum of life and care. Our nurses truly make a difference by influencing and shaping health policy decisions that ensure all people have access to high-quality, affordable health care coverage. From assisting with life-threatening ER crises to delivering babies and caring for the elderly in their last moments, nurses perform some of the most difficult and heartbreaking tasks in the medical world. As workers who perform the most essential health care tasks, nurses serve as the first point of contact for most patients. National Nurses Week honors their contributions and sacrifices and reminds us to thank the medical professionals who keep us healthy. The impact nurses make on health care is unparalleled. THANK YOU!


National Hospital Week, May 12-18
DCHA is recognizing the amazing people who work in America’s hospitals and health systems. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, this important week gives us all the opportunity to highlight our hospitals, health systems and health care workers and the innovative ways they are supporting the needs of their community members. The people who comprise our hospitals and health care workforce are your neighbors, friends, and family members. Hospital and health care workers have worked tirelessly to treat patients and help their communities remain healthy throughout the pandemic, and every day. We are grateful for our hospitals and caregivers. Our hospitals are honored to serve the people in our communities and beyond. THANK YOU!

#Hospital Orgoglioso

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