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Food as Medicine: A Whole Health Strategy Webinar Recording

  Food as Medicine transcends traditional nutrition approaches by recognizing the inherent power of what we consume to influence and enhance our total well-being. Join Dr. Kofi Essel and the Healthy Hospital Initiative as we delve into Food as Medicine in health care settings; strategies to seamlessly incorporate Food as Medicine within complex health systems; […]

November 2023 Utilization Report

There was a generalized decrease from October to November in most utilization metrics compared to pre-COVID baselines with the exception of Observation patients which are 3% over the baseline in November (see Fig. 1 below).   Psychiatric admissions are still trending above the median across all nine hospitals as depicted in Fig. 2 below. Although […]

Using Health-Related Social Needs Screening Tools

As hospitals in the District continue efforts to improve health equity in accordance with hospital goals and federal requirements, it is important to understand key strategies for the collection of health-related social needs (HRSNs). The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services outlined key strategies to support health care facilities in developing a universal HRSN screening […]

DCHA Announces 2024 Slate of Board of Director Officers

The District of Columbia Hospital Association, at its December 14 Board of Directors Annual Meeting, voted to elect a new slate of Board officers for terms beginning in January 2024. DCHA is the unifying voice advancing hospitals and health systems in the District of Columbia by promoting policies and initiatives that strengthen our system of […]

Back to Basics: What You Need to Know About Hospitals and Health Equity

In modern health care, hospitals stand as beacons of healing, embodying the convergence of medical science and human empathy. These centers of health are not just facilities; they symbolize a commitment to providing equitable care to all. Yet, beneath the surface of this noble endeavor, disparities persist, reflecting broader societal challenges. Health equity in hospitals […]

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