July 2023 Utilization Report

There was a slight increase in the percentage of psychiatric admissions compared to the January 2020 pre-COVID baseline from -23% in June to -22% in July. Also, of note regarding psychiatric admissions: The impact of St. Elizabeths Hospital reopening beds closed during COVID can be seen in tables 6 and 7 of the report where the percent change from the prior year ranges from 44.4% – 87.5%. All other utilization metrics highlighted in Fig. 1 below decreased from June to July a compared to the January 2020 baseline month. Although ambulatory surgery and observation volumes are among those that declined from June to July, information available in the report indicates that both have increased overall when comparing the most recent 12 months to the prior 12 month period by 3.25% (Table 16) and 6.48% (Table 17) respectively.


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