Council Committee Moves Two Pieces of Legislation on Hours and Scheduling

Yesterday, the Committee on Business, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs marked-up the Building Service Employees Minimum Work Week Act of 2016 and the Hours and Scheduling Stability Act of 2016.

The first bill would set a minimum number of hours for building or janitorial staff members working in buildings or a collection of buildings with 350,000 square feet or more. Included in the committee print was an exemption for licensed health care facilities or their affiliated subsidiaries. The bill was approved unanimously.

The second piece of legislation, the Hours and Scheduling Stability Act of 2016, requires food and retail establishments with 40 or more units nationwide, including franchises, to provide employees 14 days advance notice of schedules. It also requires predictability pay for cancelled shifts and requires establishments to offer hours to other workers first before hiring additional staff. The goal of this provision is to push more employees to full time status.  The legislation does not apply to hotels, banks, credit unions, educational institutions, savings institutions or licensed health care facilities.

The Hours and Scheduling Stability Act of 2016 was approved by the committee on a 3-2 vote with Councilmembers Vincent Orange, Elissa Silverman and Brianne Nadaeu voting in favor and Councilmembers Charles Allen and Brandon Todd voting against the bill after expressing concerns about several provisions of the legislation and urging the committee to take more time on the legislation before moving forward.

Both pieces of legislation now head to the Committee of the Whole for consideration by the full Council.

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