Metro Announces Final SafeTrack Plan

Yesterday, Metro General Manager/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld today publicly released the final SafeTrack plan, which is a comprehensive maintenance effort that aims to fit three years of work into about one year. The plan expands maintenance time on weekends, weeknights and midday hours and includes 15 “Safety Surges,” which are long-duration track outages for major projects in key parts of the system. According to Metro, the plan addresses Federal Transit Administration and National Transportation Safety Board safety recommendations and deferred maintenance backlogs while restoring track infrastructure to good health. Independent verification and inspection of track work will be performed regularly to ensure that the work is being done correctly and efficiently.

“Safety comes first, and I want to remind the region that SafeTrack is not just about the 15 maintenance surges,” said Wiedefeld. “SafeTrack also includes weeknight work that will require single track operations in sections starting at 8 p.m.; it means closing the system at Midnight on weekends as opposed to 3 a.m. and committing to a moratorium on extra hours of early morning or late night service when it conflicts with track work.”

Metro is planning an expansive public outreach effort that includes paid advertising, online information, station signage and PA announcements, news conferences, text and email alerts, social media, and targeted outreach to businesses, community groups and federal, state and local governments. The complete schedule of Safety Surges is available here.

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