Predictive Scheduling Introduced in DC Council for Retail and Food Service Workers

Last week, Councilmembers Vincent OrangeBrianne NadeauMary Cheh and Elissa Silverman introduced the Hours and Scheduling Stability Act of 2015. This legislation would require chain restaurants and retailers to provide their employees with work schedules 21 days in advance of the first scheduled hour or shift. Employers adding, cancelling or changing the number of hours worked or shifts less than 21 days in advance would be required to pay the affected employee one hour of pay for each shift affected and employees could decline any work not included in their written schedules. Changes made less than 24 hours in advance would require the employer to pay a minimum of four hours of regular pay or for the number of hours in the employee’s scheduled shift, whichever is less, regardless of the actual hours worked.

The legislation also requires a covered employer to offer additional hours of work to existing employees before hiring more employees or subcontractors. Employers would be required to post the additional hours for at least seven days before being allowed to hire additional employees or subcontractors. The legislation was also co-sponsored by Councilmembers David GrossoBrandon ToddCharles Allen and LaRuby May.

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